Coles Castings Art Foundry

Coles Castings Art Foundry
Fine Art Foundry • Shaftesbury • Dorset

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Welcome to Coles Castings, a fine art foundry predominantly specializing
in the production of cast iron and cast bronze sculpture.
Established in 2012 near the Market town of Shaftesbury, North Dorset,
Coles Castings offers a range of services including:

Waxwork Waxwork Waxwork
Mould Making Mould Making Mould Making
Sand Moulding Sand Moulding Sand Moulding
Bronze Casting Bronze Casting Bronze Casting
Iron Casting Iron Casting Iron Casting
Metal Finishing Metal Finishing Metal Finishing
Patination & Patination Patination

As well as our main focus on sculpture, Coles Castings also offer casting services
for general work in cast bronze or iron.
These include but are not limited to bespoke items, ornate ware, decorative castings,
commemorative plaques,vintage castings and individual commissions.

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Coles Castings Art Foundry • Shaftesbury • Dorset